Body Massage

Massage feels incredibly good, which is one reason it’s so good for you – when the body lets go, it heals. And when the body is comfortable, mind and spirit settle. Experience the power of informed, caring touch.



A gentle Swedish massage incorporating the healing aromas of pure essential oils. Your therapist will help you chose from the following blends to deliver the best treatment possible for your individual needs.

Stimulating Massage – Vitality (Mandarin, Nutmeg, Lime and Italian Lemon)
Relaxing Massage – Relax (Lavender, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Violet & Ylang Ylang) Firming or
Moisturising Massage – Aqua (Geranium, Patchouli and Coriander)

60 mins $99



Neck (10mins) $10
Neck & Head (20mins) $20
Neck & Shoulder (20mins) $20
Neck,Shoulder & Hand (30mins) $30
Neck,Shoulder,Arm & Hand (35mins) $35
Back (30mins) $30
Neck,Shoulder & Back (40mins) $40
Neck,Shoulder,Back & Head (45mins) $45
Neck,Shoulder,Back,Arm & Head (50mins) $50
Leg (30mins) $30
Back & Leg (45mins) $45
Neck,Shoulder,Back & Leg (50mins) $50
Whole Body (60mins) $60
Whole Body (75mins) $75
Whole Body (100mins) $100

Oil Massage


Deep Tissue Relaxation

60 mins $85
75 mins $95
90 mins $110

Aroma Therapy

60 mins $99

Vacuum Cupping

30 mins $45
60 mins $70

Hot Stone Massage

This massage is a fluid and nurturing style of massage given intuitively to address the whole body, going beyond the physical and allowing deep states of relaxation. The oiled & heated stones help to penetrate & warm the muscles. This allows the muscles to open & release easily, assisting detoxification and relieving chronic pain.

60 mins $85
75 mins $95
90 mins $110