Lip Augmentation Procedures


Lip enhancement (lip augmentation) procedures using lip fillers are used to enhance the appearance of lips, often creating a fuller lip, reducing the effects of age. The upper or lower lip may be treated alone, or both upper and lower lips may be enlarged at the same time.

At the J&B Urban Day Spa, our cosmetic clinicians and registered nurses can create a natural looking volumised lip. Using various lip enhancement techniques, lip augmentation can be customized to suit your style and shape of lips.

Lip enhancement is achieved by injecting dermal fillers, also known as lip fillers. The ingredients are safe and approved. Some procedures are temporary.

Lip augmentation process typically takes 10-15 minutes to complete.

Lips to love. Let’s talk about a little Lip Enhancement.


Full, plump lips are considered feminine and sexy. The ‘ideal’ lips, according to a survey of Australian women are full, natural-looking and well-defined, with a strong Cupid’s bow (the v-shaped area of the upper lip).

Did you know there are many other features that make lips appealing? Features such as the lip border, balance in both the top and bottom lip or symmetry on both the left and right sides. Even details such as smiley sides with corners that turn, or rich ridges connecting the upper lip to the nose giving that lovely curve to the upper lip rated highly appealing.

Everyone’s lip shape is slightly different and we may not all have what we consider to be the perfect pout. Our lip shape and volume is delivered by the presence of substances such as complex sugars and elastin, naturally occurring in the skin.

It is possible to enhance what you’ve already got. Discuss the possibilities of lip enhancement and lip shaping using lip fillers at the J&B Urban Day Spa.