Wrinkle Relaxing Treatments


Frown lines are vertical lines that appear between the eyebrows. These wrinkles can appear over time from the effects of age, sun exposure and habitual frowning, whether while awake or during sleep, due to tension. As a person ages, the skin becomes less elastic and the frown lines become more pronounced. In some cases, they stay permanently in the face, making it appear that the person is always frowning or angry. You may feel that in addition to being ageing, these lines make you appear tired or grumpy when you’re nothing of the sort! Because of this, frown line treatments can make a difference to your self-perception, emotional wellbeing, and how others perceive you on first impression.

Our experienced practitioners treat these lines with a specific pattern of injections designed to relax the facial muscles that cause your frown lines to appear. These muscles are called the corrugator and procerus, and our practitioners will select precise injection points shown to give the best results. We can also treat deeper lines with injections of dermal fillers


Large studies have shown the effectiveness of wrinkle-relaxing treatments in reducing the appearance of frown lines, with improvements lasting longer with each subsequent treatment. The side effects of treatment are usually very mild, and may include temporary swelling, tenderness, or a headache. In general, side effects are reduced with each repeat treatment. The majority of people who have wrinkle-relaxing injections for frown lines are very satisfied with their treatment.

As with all of our procedures, J&B is committed to achieving the best aesthetic result, tailored to your individual needs and requirements, in our frown line wrinkle-relaxing treatments.


Services and pricing will be confirmed on consultation.