J&B Urban Day Spa


J&B Urban Day Spa is a beauty salon and a spa owned by a renowned people of the industry in the city called Mitcham in Victoria. The owners are local so they know the stressful and busy lifestyle of the people in the area.. Keeping the meaning of SPA in mind the company thought to introduce a SPA and beauty salon in the area which will rejuvenate the people and help them release the stress. SPA is associated with the treatment through the water. It is expanded in Latin words as “Salus per Aquam” or “Sanitas per Aquam” which means “health through water”.

The salon offers complete or you can say every imaginable beauty service to the people of the town, be it basic beauty services such as haircuts, coloring or the advanced ones like facial upgrades it includes all. It brings comfort and relaxation with a splash of fresh beauty techniques and Spa treatment to the individuals. We believe that “daily stress can leave your health in a mess”. So just drop by at J&B Urban Day Spa and get yourself unwind and rejuvenated. It is already proven that stress weakens your heart and brain, but a good spa can make your heart and skin relive.

Our vision is to provide every service belonging to beautifying the body from inside and outside should be available at our place. Our team works hard day and night to give you the healthiest environment with best services. To achieve this vision we can take time but we can’t compromise with the quality of our services to our people.

To keep the track of good quality service we hire experienced or trained professionals who are ready to work hard and are good with every customer stepping in the salon. Half of the service depends on the behavior of the staff attending the customer. A satisfied customer is retained for whole life plus will bring goodwill only for the company.

Our core values are standing on four pillars namely Equality, Value, Quality, and Trust. And all these values are customer centric or depends on our customers. We treat our customers equally irrespective of caste, creed, and color. Discrimination of customers is against our policy. We work for customer satisfaction and want to give them the value for their money. Our quality never waiver from its level at any cost. We earn the trust of our customers through our work.

Escape and unwind at J&B Urban Day. We are committed to providing outstanding service and superior products to Mitcham and surrounding areas including Ringwood, Doncaster and Templestowe. Our goal is to enhance your life by improving your overall health and well-being.